Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Do you like Fairy Tales? Or a more direct question is, do you watch Once Upon a Time on ABC? If the answer is yes then Mirror Mirror (Comes out this Friday March 30th) is the movie for you. Mirror Mirror is the retelling of the classic Grimm's Fairy tale about a young Princess who escapes the clutches of her evil stepmother and her despotic rule. She builds allies in the 7 Dwarves and Prince Charming to take her Kingdom back. You know the tale, but there are a few updates in this version directed by Tarsem Singh (Immortals & The Cell). It's fun, a little bit silly, funny and beautifully filmed, a great time for the whole family. So if you've had your fill of Hunger Games and you aren't that interested in seeing Sam Worthington in sandals and a mullet then take the fam to see Julia Roberts, Nathan Lane, Armie Hammer and Lilly Collins in Mirror Mirror.

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