Wednesday, March 28, 2012

21 Jump Street

Yet another TV show made into a movie and like many others before the makers have decided to take a fairly straight laced show and make it a comedy on the big screen. This formula worked well for at least the first Charlie's Angels, not so well for the A-Team, even though personally I thought A-Team was great. As far as Jump Street is concerned I never watched the show I only know it was how Johnny Depp made his bones in the acting world other than that I know pretty much nothing. The trailers were pretty funny, stupid, but funny. It's what would have happened if the two guys from Superbad grew up and became Cops.

In high school Jenko (Channing Tatum) was a dumb jock who liked to prey on the weaker kids, especially Schmidt (Jonah Hill), a Eminem wannabe who can't talk to girls. They both graduate High School and they find themselves in the Police Academy, as you would figure it Schmidt is smart and aces the paper tests but is inept in the field. Jenko is talented in the field and bad at taking tests. They decide to be friends to help each other out and...were off. The two knuckleheads get their first bust but they screw up the Miranda rights and cause a scene at the arrest when they act like little children. They get kicked down to 21 Jump Street where they have to go undercover at a local high school to bust drug pushers like student Eric Molson (Dave Franco). Jump Street is run by an a- typical angry chief played this time by Ice Cube.

Let's be honest this is a pretty stupid movie but damn if it wasn't funny. They get great comedic support from Rob Riggle a jerk of a Gym Teacher and Elle Kemper as Jenko's Bio teacher who is looking to Mary K. Letourneau his ass. You also have Chris Parnell and Jake Johnson putting in some time to great effect. These guys are as ridiculous as the two dumb ass cops in Superbad and maybe a bit more so it's tough to see how they got through basic training much less one day as a cop, but again this is an action/comedy not by any means a drama. It was nice seeing Johnny Depp pop up for a few minutes reprising that character that everyone who has seen the show would know and love, me I didn't get it but I'm assuming if you had context it would be an even funnier scene.  Overall it's a forgettable comedy with some funny bits here and there but not much else. If you can't find something you like with the Hunger Games, Stooges or American Reunion, then definitely go and see it for a few laughs. Trust me your head won't hurt you if you do.

Grade: 3 Buckets

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