Monday, October 05, 2009


This will be in my DVD collection as soon as possible. A fantastic, fun, B-movie experience!

Zombieland follows four misfits who somehow manage to survive after a massive outbreak turns most of the human population into zombies. Not really able to trust each other, the four decide to join forces and embark on one crazy adventure after another.

Woody Harrelson steals every scene in this movie. He is perfect in the role of Tallahassee. His character seems to find his life's passion in killing zombies and surviving. Constantly striving to attain the title of "zombie killer of the week" by developing creative ways to disarm zombies, Tallahassee is a force of nature.

Jesse Eisenberg is also impressive in this film. Last seen in Adventureland, Eisenberg holds his own in his role as Columbus. He plays the same sort of character as seen in Adventureland, Columbus is a rule following, anti-social guy whose knack for keeping to himself might be the sole reason for his surviving so long. He creates a list of fail safe ways to prevent a zombie attack in the beginning of the film that is very funny.

Rounding out the cast are Emma Stone as Wichita and Abigail Breslin as Little Rock. The two are sisters that give Tallahassee and Columbus a run for their money. Outsmarting the boys more often than they would like to admit, the girls are a great addition to the group. The four balance each other out well and create good chemistry throughout.

Perhaps the greatest scenes in the movie come when the four run into Bill Murray. Hijinks ensue and the result is hilarious. There is a scene at the end of the credits with Murray that didn't make the film, stay through to see it!

I love zombie movies and this one might just make it into my top 10. The story is great, the acting on point and the zombie killings are so creative! I say job well done!

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