Saturday, September 19, 2009


I want to say first, that I REALLY wanted to like this movie. I had been seeing trailers for this one for a while and am a big fan of Jason Bateman. Unfortunately either my expectations were too high or this movie is a dud.

Extract is Mike Judge's (Office Space, Idiocracy) latest effort. The film follows the owner of an extract plant, Joel, (Jason Bateman). Bored with his job, unhappy with his marriage and desperately seeking a change, he searches out ways to put his life back on track. Following some awful advice from his bartender friend (Ben Affleck), he embarks on a series of misadventures. Thrown into the mix is Mila Kunis' character, Cindy. She decides to intern at the extract company following an accident that takes place during working hours.

The actors in this comedy, are without a doubt fantastic. David Koechner is brilliant. He plays the kind of annoying neighbor, that I think just about everyone has encountered at one time or another in their lives. His character gave the audience just the right amount of awkward tension and comedy. Ben Affleck plays his character very kooky - which I think works for him. Also keep your eye on newcomer, Dustin Milligan. Although not impressed by him on 90210, his portrayal in this movie is very funny. Also, Clifton Collins Jr, all over the place this summer, is a presence on screen.

My main problem with this movie was the story. It never commits. The story consists of a bunch of random events that never really come full circle. I think what frustrates me most is that this story has so much potential! The characters are great but, I was never fully invested in anything they were doing. It bounces around things so unevenly. Maybe the cutting room floor houses some answers...

There are a few specific scenes that are good. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the in between to connect. I think one of the things I loved so much about Office Space was how close to home some of the office humor really was. In this one, there is nothing to connect to. There was no reason this story needed to be told.

If you go, go because you like 1 or 2 of the actors and go in with your expectations low.

1.5 buckets

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