Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Top Ten Most Underrated Movie Villains - 1. The Kurgan

- Sketch by Ori Ayalon

1). The Kurgan (Highlander): "Ramirez was an effete snob! He died on his knees. I took his head and raped his woman before his blood was even cold!"

Jeff Marvin: There Can be only ONE bad ass immortal and as much as I love the Highlander, Connor McCloud, it ain't him. The Kurgan, played by Clancy Brown is well...You read his quote. The ultimate warrior, if they had steroids back in the olden days of Scotland, I would've said that Kurgan was on some of that Balco crap. He has this deep dark voice and those crazy eyes, he's a madman I tell you. On top of that he can live forever and the only way you can get this psycho out of your life is to take a giant sword from the Middle Ages and slice his noggin off. When he isn't killing other Immortals, The Kurgan enjoys a nice drive in the country with Grandma on the hood of the car he just stole. He wags his tongue at her hoping that when she loses her grip that she'll get sucked underneath his Michelins. Crazy Bastard.

Well that is our top ten Underrated Movie Villains, hope everyone enjoyed our choices and these great sketches to go with them. We want to hear from you about what you think, let us know in the comments section below! Have a great Halloween!

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