Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SPORTS: The Yankees Pitching Problem

Last Night I had the privilege to see my beloved New York Yankees play and defeat the Cleveland Indians with Chien Ming Wang on the mound. Wang was exceptional he pitched 7 and a third innings without allowing a single run. His counterpart for the tribe was equally strong pitching 6 innings and only allowing one run, a solo homer by Robinson Cano. I feel that even with the waves of bad luck hitting the Yanks, with injuries, illness and let's say it a rash of elderly sloth, I feel that they have been dealing with the hard luck very well. This was a huge win coming off a four game losing streak allowing the Yankees to tie with the Boston Red Sox for first place. (The Sox dropped last night's game to the Twins.)

I still can't help but feel something isn't right though, and I came to this realization when I noticed who was pitching in the second game against the Indians, Randy "Old Man" Johnson. Admittedly the Yanks hitting has been sour, and the fielding has been at times downright cringe worthy, but they have been at their worst when Johnson pitches. This guy lately has been pitching at best four innings and allowing at least five runs. Now I know who he is and what he has accomplished in his long career, but I think it's time, before this guy retires, to make a bold move into the farm system and bring up a couple new pitchers. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that the Yanks bullpen has improved almost eighty percent because they started to utilize some of the younger stronger pitching arms on the club. Scott Proctor has improved greatly from last year, Farnsworth has a ways to go but if the Yanks keep using him good things will happen. The problem I see is starting pitching. Mike "Moose" Mussina is almost a guaranteed great outing on the mound; Wang is shaping up to be as well, unfortunately after these two it gets problematic. I love Sean Chacon but he has not been the rock this year that he was last, he's had some consistently dreadful starts. Obviously Johnson is a problem, then you have Jaret Wright who is a tough kid but he's streaky at best and you’re never sure if he's a 100 percent healthy to begin with. Pavano has been the biggest disappointment in a pitcher, the guy has been making millions and he's been consistently hurt for almost three whole seasons. So you look to Aaron Small to pick up the slack. He's great in a pinch but he has struggled this season, we have yet to see the great stuff from last season.

So to sum everything up with Matsui, Sheffield and Crosby on the DL and the terrible starting pitching, I'd say if the Yankees are looking toward November it's time to start pushing money at a whole slew of strong pitchers before the All Star Break. Drop Pavano and Johnson and pick up a newbie and a veteran that has a career under the five year mark. Please--Please Mr. Cashman no more Randy Johnson or Roger Clemens--It's time to push the young kids, it’s their time-- let them flourish. Otherwise the Yanks may go another six years without a title, and frankly that is not something my stomach can tolerate.


Anonymous said...

hey, you think your pitching is bad... try having your bullpen give up 2 grand slams in two successive games. ugh.

jodir said...

woops, that was jodi the BoSox fan, I hit the enter key too soon. give a girl three degrees and she still does stupid things.

love the new blog! especially all of your pictures.

Anonymous said...

screw Yankees pitching there is better stuff to talk about how bout the freakin Stanley Cup that has been some of the best hockey! Go Canes or the College World Series I think the Tar Heels are going to do it!!