Thursday, June 15, 2006

SPORTS: Randy "Old Man" Johnson Is Not Finished Yet

Well I caught yesterday's game and I guess my little pep talk to Randy Johnson worked. Randy worked his way out of 6 and a third innings and only allowed one run in the Yankees victory over the Tribe, 6-1. The Yankees have taken 2 out of 3 games from the Tribe and looking for the big sweep tonight. A-Rod struggled at bat again but he did get a bloop single that hopefully will boost his confidence going in today's game, the guy is really slumping he's 4-33. Johnny Damon and the Yankees new resident powerhouse Andy Phillips both had home runs.

Here's where it got a little anal on the umpire's part, in the sixth Cleveland pitcher Jason Johnson hit Jorge Posada with a pitch. Everyone got jumpy and the Umps warned both benches. So for some reason Randy pitches a high and inside pitch in the next inning to Perez and the Ump ejects Johnson on the spot. Are you kidding me? He didn't even hit the guy. I think it's fair for the Umps to give the warning but to eject someone for almost hitting somebody, I mean what's up with that. So Randy finally has a great start and the Ump cans him because he threw too close to a batters face? All I have to say is: DUMBASS! Anyway the Yanks and the Indians cleared their benches after the ejection but there was no brawl and no more funny business after that. Our relief pitchers Scott Proctor and Ron Villone finished out the game nicely with 2 and a third scoreless innings.

So Randy I hope our little talk yesterday helped you pitch that great game and I hope we won't have to be having the talk anytime soon. Your a big boy now, you're a little older a little wiser and I think you can do this pitching thing all on your own. Today Mike the Moose Mussina will be taking the mound against Cliff Lee, I can't wait to see what Ol' Moose is gonna throw today. I don't think I need to have the talk with Mikey but we'll see how he pitches.

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