Thursday, July 05, 2012


Took the family to see Brave this past weekend, it was a scorcher outside so it was perfect timing to get out of the blistering heat. Nathan really enjoyed the trailers I was showing him leading up to the flick and I was pretty sure he was going to get into it like most Pixar movies. Tamar and I however were skeptical especially cause this plot seemed a little boring for Pixar. A Princess running from her destiny, been there done that. But this is Pixar and they can make the mundane or normal magical, right?

Teenaged Princess Merida (Kelly MacDonald) is not interested in courtship, not one bit, she'd rather shoot arrows, ride her horse or get into a bit of mischief. Her Mother, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), is fighting her tooth and nail to get her to fall in line and do her Princess duties by taking a husband and she isn't to be denied, apparently. Her father King Fergus (Billy Connolly) hosts a tournament where the other clans can come and compete for her hand. Merida decides to take off from that scene. She comes across a goofy witch (Julie Walters) who grants Merida a spell to change her Mother--and of course everything goes horribly wrong. Merida now has to fix the disaster that she has caused before the spell becomes permanent.

As with all Pixar flicks I wanted to love this movie, the landscapes of Scotland were absolutely gorgeous, it looked like a travelogue, but this isn't an ad for Fodor's, and this is where the problems begin. You would think with the time period and the lush scenery that there was a great folk tale here. Unfortunately this has to be the most unimaginative plot Pixar has tackled yet, it was predictable and was lacking in the script. Although I did find real attachment to some of these characters especially Fergus and Elinor, the Witch and even Merida even though she was a bit obnoxious and whiny for the first half of the story. The little brothers were cute but they didn't serve much of a purpose to the plot except to get into trouble and, well, look cute. There were glimpses of the signature Pixar characters with some of the background characters like one of the clansmen who is incomprehensible it sort of reminded me of Brad Pitt in Snatch. Otherwise this felt like a safely plotted film with well made characters moseying into Cars 2 territory. It's not as bad as that movie but it's hovering. There is a movie coming out ironically that looks more like a Pixar film than this one, Wreck-It Ralph, but it's being made by Disney Animation. Why couldn't have Pixar made that movie? Well it's water over the bridge for now, but you are on notice Pixar. If I see one more of these Disney-controlled Princess stories I'm not taking my kid to anymore of your movies.  That's almost a promise, you got that Pixar? Anyway, take your kid to see it if they want, there isn't going to be as much for you although they did do a great job as always with these characters. And Nathan really did enjoy it although we may have traumatized him a bit with that giant scary Bear. I would recommend not taking the kid under 5 to see it in 3D unless you want them cowering under their seat. The kid was scared enough in 2D I'd hate to see what he'd do if it was in his face in 3D, nightmares for weeks and no sleep for you.
Grade: 3 Buckets

Kid Grade: 3 Buckets (Could have been 4 if it wasn't for that scary bear!)

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Anonymous said...

Lol, I loved your review on Brave! I have heard about the big scary bear so I wonder how my daughter will react to seeing it. I am gonna take her to go see this movie after I end my shift at Dish today. She has been bugging me to see it and she is a well-behaved kid so why not? Anyways we just got the video game in the mail yesterday from Blockbuster @Home so that got her amped up even more to see the dang movie. Luckily we don't have to return the game right away.