Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Mechanic

So yet another remake of yet another classic action film. I don't know what the tally is on remakes in the last two years or so but it's gotta be in the high 50's at least. Anyway, saw this one a couple of weeks ago. I'll be honest with you crazy busy season has set in here at the Bucket. (Hey if it were a full time gig, there would be more posts, promise.) But I've finally found a few seconds to sit down and give my two cents about the film. Just checked the grosses so far, and it kinda seems like a modest hit with about 26 mil in the tank. Not too bad for a small action film, or Chopper as my father in law likes to call it. Must be some Israeli thing, cause when I think of a Chopper flick I'm thinking about Hells Angels, jailhouse tats, boobs and a lot of blood. The Mechanic has about three out of four, so I guess it can qualify. It's a remake of a Chuck Bronson classic of the same name from 1972. It's not a bad update, Statham does his signature growls and then proceeds to kick the bad guys ass. It's not rocket science but it works.
Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is the best assassin in the business. In fact he's so good he can, at times, make his kills look like accidents. He's sophisticated cause he only listens to classical music on vinyl and he's dedicated and loyal to his handler (Donald Sutherland). Did I also mention he beds a super hot model, Sarah (Mini Anden). But things go south when he starts to have issues with his agency and it's top dog Dean (Tony Goldwyn) and he has to go on the offensive. To top it off he's tasked with training the loser son, Steve (Ben Foster), of his mentor and handler. All in a days work for the Stat.
It's a predictable, but fun action romp. The Stat says one step ahead of everyone in the movie which is par for the course for one of his movies. There are some really nice action pieces not unlike the Expendables. Personally I think the Mechanic is what the Expendables should have been with an ensemble, but what can you do. Ben Foster, however, is a nice addition to the mix. He stews nicely as a poor man's Ryan Gosling. The guy can sell intense I can tell you that, he's just so damn serious. And I think the Stat and Foster made a nice team for a while, I enjoyed their back and forth banter. It's also nice to have a solid actor in the mentor role and no one plays a mentor like Donald Sutherland, the guy is a master, literally. It's also a nice return for director Simon West who hasn't had a solid action flick in a while; since what, Tom Raider in 2001? So if you have a hankering for a hard edged, but slick action thriller, kind of a low rent Spy Games, then check this one out. But I'd do it soon, coming out this week is I Am Number 4 and that kick ass looking flick with Liam Neeson, called Unknown. It'll probably be tough to find the Mechanic after this weekend so go while the Stat is hot.
Grade: 3 Buckets

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