Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall TV: New Shows I Have Watched and May Watch: Sunday & Monday

It's that time of the year again where new shows dominate the airwaves. It's especially interesting this year due to NBC's big time debacle last year when they so stupidly tried to run the guy with the chin weeknights at 10PM. They have now agreed with everyone else that it was dumb and have now ordered something like fifty new shows for the fall. Subtlety is not in NBC's wheel house. So I decided to study the new fall schedule check out some of the new shows I wanted to see and listed them here for you. All you have to do now is just set your DVR and enjoy the show.


So there is only one show to watch this Sunday, that is if you aren't watching Football, and it's Boardwalk Empire on HBO. If you've read any reviews on the subject everything is glowing and damn right it should be. This is director Martin Scorsese's first attempt at a TV show and it should be considered a major coup for everyone involved. Although I did hear that of the first 5 episodes Marty's was the weakest. Nevertheless it's Scorsese doing what he does best telling a story about the Mob. This time it's in Atlantic City during Prohibition and it's about how one guy, Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), took the reigns of everything illegal in that town and completely ran with it.  There's a young Capone, "Lucky" Luciano, Arnold Rothstein and many others. It's got a great cast, a great group of creatives and it's probably going to win a shitload of Emmy's next year. I shouldn't have to say much more about it cause this one has been the talk of TV for about two straight months now, if you haven't heard about this show then you have no business watching TV to begin with. (Boardwalk Empire aires on HBO Sunday Sept. 19th at 9PM)


It's funny but Monday seems to be a busy night for TV in my house all of a sudden. I never would have thought that a few years ago. So I have the old standard Chuck which is always a must see. Even my brother caught the Chuck bug. He watched all three seasons over the summer and is chomping at the bit for season 4 to begin, as am I. We've got a few newbies to add to Monday's list. One I'm on the fence about but I have been hearing great things is a half-hour sitcom called Mike & Molly. It's a little different from your average sitcom in that the main actors are fairly normal looking, ie they aren't thin as a rail 30 somethings who look like they should be on the cover of GQ. I saw the pseudo trailer and I just didn't find it very funny, but I was going to wait to get the consensus at the end of the week. I can always check out Hulu over the weekend. The big problem is I want to watch Lonestar and the Event and unfortunately I can't DVR all three.(Mike & Molly aires on CBS Monday at 9:30 PM)

LONE STAR:  This is an hourlong drama about a con-man, Bob Allen (James Wolk), who leads a double life in Texas, naturally. He's got a wife (Andriana Palicki) in Houston and a girlfriend (Eloise Mumford) in Midland. He seems to want to go straight and leave the con business and his con-father behind, but he can't seem to shake the double life he's carved out for himself. The trailers have been pretty interesting and I really dig the cast. Especially David Keith as the Con-Man Father trying to keep his kid in the game. I'm getting a real-life kind of vibe that really worked for Friday Night Lights and it's in Texas, again, so what could go wrong? This one has been getting some good buzz but it's always hard to tell with some of the newbies especially when it's a first time Producer/Showrunner Kyle Killen, he's also writing the film the Beaver with Mel Gibson which comes out later this year.  (Lone Star aires on Fox Monday at 9:00 PM)

THE EVENT:  This is also one of those shows that has been talked about to the hilt. The first couple trailers didn't do much for me especially with the entire cast talking up the secret surprise that is the title---the Event--ooh spooky. What is it? Everyone seems to want to know and even --- dum dum dum--the President doesn't seem to know what the fuck it is. I also really hated the editing with the weird cut to actress Laura Innes (ER) goofy face in order to ramp up the intrigue and suspense. Just a little tip, showing this does not enhance my desire to see the show. But as the slew of advertising progressed an interesting premise appeared and they had me curious to what the damn event really is. It seems that a President, Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood), a scruffy looking guy, Sean (Jason Ritter), and Sean's kidnapped Girlfriend Leila (Sarah Roemer) are going to find out what it is the hard way. They knew they would get me now that Lost is off the air and I suppose they decided to go the extra mile and make it look a bit like 24 now that that show is over too. I say smart move--this should do pretty well, as long as you know, no more weird cuts to Laura Innes' weird face. (The Event aires on NBC Monday at 9:00 PM

HAWAII FIVE-O: I have a good vibe about this one, I really do. I shouldn't because on the surface this seems like another crap re-make of a classic popular show. And I should know I have watched my share of bad remakes: Knight Rider, Bionic Woman etc. But this show has what those couldn't dream of having, a damn good cast. Alex O'Loughlin as super cop Steve McGarrett, Scott Caan as Danny "Danno" Williams, Grace Park as Kono and my personal favorite Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho. I loved him on Lost and I'm sure I'll love him here. I used to watch the original when I was a kid in syndication you don't get much better than Jack Lord and of course there is that theme song. This new one has the great cast but it also has the luckiest two writers in Hollywood attached to it, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the guys who wrote the Transformers movies, the new Star Trek and the awesome show Fringe. These guys have been on a roll the last few years it's doubtful that Hawaii Five-O will stop their reign.(Hawaii Five-O aires on CBS Monday at 10:00 PM)

I'll hopefully be posting Tuesday and Wednesday's lineup tomorrow night. Stay tuned.

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