Sunday, June 06, 2010

Get Him To the Greek

Technically this is not a sequel, more of a spin-off. One of the best parts of Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the insane yet hilarious drug addled rocker, Aldous Snow. Created from the warped minds of Nicholas Stoller, Jason Segal and of course Russell Brand. At first glance you would think this is just another useless and tired sequel that is attempting to cash in on an established character from a previous film. Thankfully that's not what we get here. It's two thirds Almost Famous and the rest is an out of control orgy of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Take that scene from Almost Famous where Russell (Billy Crudup) declares himself a golden god and jumps in the pool multiply that by ten and you've got Get Him to the Greek.Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), before we can get five minutes into the film, practically flushes his career down the toilet by releasing an unintentionally racist music video called African Child. Thus plunging Aldous out of the top ten and out of the hearts and minds of his fans. Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) an assistant at Pinnacle is tasked to reinvigorate Snow's career by getting him to the Greek theatre in LA for a 10 year reunion concert.It's a fairly straightforward plot, and it's damn funny. If I drank and smoked as much as these guys did I'd be pushing up daisies for sure. The chemistry though between Brand and Hill just make it that much more enjoyable to watch. Aldous isn't a total idiot but he's completely mental. He's an old school rocker part Ozzie, Robert Plant and maybe even a bit of David Bowie. There is a part in the middle that kind of drags as at one point it's trying to figure out what kind of movie it wants to be. We get a lot of insight into Aldous' world his past loves and his messed up parents. But once they make it to New York it really starts to pick up. Let the drinking commence.There are some great smaller character stuff here from Aldous' dick of a father (Colm Meaney) to P-Diddy's record Mogul. He almost stole the show, I never thought Puffy could be funny. But damn he really impressed me with his comic timing. Also thought that Aldous' baby mama Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) was pretty hilarious as a Brittany Spears esque pop rocker. Also thought Elisabeth Moss' Daphne, Jonah Hills, girl was also cute and kinda funny. Really liked seeing her in this. This flick is most certainly dirty but it's got some heart and most importantly it's funny as hell. So go and check this out as soon as possible.

Grade: 3 Buckets

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