Monday, December 14, 2009

Top Ten Christmas Movies - 9. Santa Claus: The Movie

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We had such a good time doing our Halloween top ten that we thought we would do another one! Christmas is upon us and we thought we would try to come up with the ultimate top ten list that, in our minds, embodies the true meaning of Christmas.

Now, lately it seems as if the networks aren't interested in playing the classic Christmas movies of old. I keep seeing these crappy Scrooge rip offs over and over on all of the various networks. Like Mrs. Scrooge, Ebenezer, A Diva's Christmas Carol, A Carol Christmas. (With Tori Spelling, need I say more?) Not to mention these vapid, crappy and sacchrine kid flicks that are so PC they make me want to vomit. Thankfully I got our artist friends over at Cave Drawing Ink to help us conceptulize those memorable Christmas flicks of old. You can see our top ten here on the Bucket and on the Cave Drawing Ink site. Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday!

So far......

10.) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

9.) Santa Claus: the Movie (1985): B.Z. - "When you've got a hit like we have, Patch, the people don't wanna wait a whole year, they're dying for a sequel! A sequel. That's it. We'll bring it out on March 25, and we'll call it... Christmas II!"
Sketch by - Dezi Sienty

Jeff: I remember walking out of the theatre with my parents as a child after Santa Claus: The Movie, and looking up toward the night sky I could see the North Star and I said, in a breathless voice, "it's all real." For the kid who believed in Santa Claus this was the movie that explained everything. You've got the origin story of how Santa stumbled upon the hidden castle of the elves and you've got some nice flying Reindeer effects to complete the mystery surrounding this jolly guy who comes down your chimney to bring you presents every Christmas. Now as an adult I came to appreciate the actor David Huddleston who was pretty funny as the Big Lebowski and he was a great addition to the Wonder Years as Grandpa Arnold. But he will always be Santa to me. He just had that sparkle it was just a perfect casting.

As a kid the backstory, the Elves and the Reindeer were always front and center but as I watched this film as a young adult and as an adult I noticed the larger theme spotlighting the commercialization of Christmas. It has been done many times before and many times after but I thought the particular focus on Corporate Greed and dangerously manufactured toys was a nice addition and it is, unfortunately, still a timely one. The Big Bad played deliciously by John Lithgow as the notorious Toy Mogul B.Z. This guy will sell anything to make a buck and I mean anything. To watch the expose of B.Z. in court was like watching that SNL skit where Dan Akroyd's slimy toy salesman, Irwin Mainway, is being ripped apart by Candice Bergen for hawking Bears with chainsaws in them. It's equally fun to watch B.Z. manipulate the childlike Elf Patch (Dudley Moore) into making some explosive candy while plotting to take the cash and do a frame job on the Elf while he makes a break for a non-extradition based country. Evil?

To conclude, yes it's a bit of a hammy movie and yes there are times where you are going to want to slap the braces out of that really annoying girl every time she opens her mouth--Shut up--I'm sorry that was BZ talking. It's still a must see around Christmas and most definitely for any young kid from 2-12 that gets crap for still believing in Santa, yes there is a Santa, and this movie will prove it too.

Jen Huber: First, I miss Dudley Moore. He and John Lithgow are two of my favorites and so by that rationale this one HAS to be a classic. I love watching movies from the 80's. I think they all just have a special quality that is especially characteristic of that time. Maybe it's because I was born in the 80's and can actually remember watching the movie around when it was first released. At any rate, the story is about corporate greed, and because it's about Christmas, thankfully, greed doesn't win the race. It's a fun story, maybe a little cheesy but a fun just the same! Honestly though, I have to admit when I see the film titled Santa Claus-I'm actually thinking of that Tim Allen Movie, The Santa Claus. That one is really more of a staple in my house at Christmas and I hold a special place in my heart for it. It got snubbed for a spot on the list but that's ok, I can handle it. But seriously folks, I'm glad that that other Santa Claus Movie made the list though, cause it has been forgotten by many, they are both fun flicks -- go watch them!!

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