Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Ten Most Underrated Movie Villains - 8. The Predator

- sketch by Steve Wands

The Predator
(Predator): "You are one ugly motherfucker."

Jeff: There is nothing more evil or frightening than a calm, no nonsense alien that decides to come to our planet to stalk and hunt down, The Most Dangerous Game style, a group of bad ass Commandos in the jungle. When I was a kid my mom wouldn't let me see movies like this at all--so I would always go around the corner to the kid's, whose name will remain anonymous, house (see Ma I don't rat out my friends). John McTiernan's classic action-Sci-Fi jungle romp was fun exciting and absolutely terrifying. Usually in horror movies the victims are dumb, un-athletic and you can just see the target signs on their friggin foreheads. They are normally pre-pubescent teenagers to boot. Now Predator is a completely different animal. In the beginning we see the crack commando team doing what they do best, killing with efficiency and pure uninhibited testosterone. I mean who on this earth could actually kill Jesse Ventura's Blain or Sonny Landham's Native American badass Billy. How can any human being hope to snuff out Bill Duke's sniper hard charger, Mac. Well this Predator did it all, whacked the whole team one by one, and it was only through tactics and a mud camouflage that Arnold Schwarzenegger's Dutch was able to kill that ugly Motherfucker.

Jen Huber: Take away his invisibility and heat detecting powers-the Predator is a name that alone entitles him to a rank in the Top 10. I remember when I was young watching this movie and it was one of the first times I can recall rooting for the "bad guy" because he was just so cool. Don't get me wrong, I love Arnold and I loved him in this movie, but the Predator was by far the favorite. Let's be honest, in real life the Predator would dominate anybody. His level of brute strength and alien powers makes him an ideal villain. He could definitely go toe to toe with other villain superstars.

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