Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Love You Man

It was nice after a rough day of work to be able to go, relax and see a funny picture on the big screen. This one comes out officially on Friday. The movie features a relatively new concept to pop culture and that is the bro-mance. I didn't coin it and personally I think it's an obnoxious phrase, but I will admit that if the word spawned this movie then maybe I could deal with it's utterance at least a few more times.Every guy has a best friend except for Peter Klaven (Paul Rudd). He's a sensitive ladies man with no concept of male bonding. He seems content to live his lie of lonliness until his Fiance Zooey (Rashida Jones) pushes him to find a Best Man. Thus begins his Man-dating excercise. He enlists the help of his brother (Andy Sandburg) as he tries to find himself a best friend. He utters bizarre nick-names and awkwardly stumbles through most conversations with the hope that it sounded cool. After some time Peter meets Sydney (Jason Segal) and they bond over Fish Tacos and their shared love of the band Rush. Let the hilarity ensue.The movie was laugh-out-loud funny as was Rudd's last few outings, Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Role Models. I worry that the guy is boxing himself in a corner with all of these similar comedies. Honestly, I think he's a great actor and should expand his range a bit more. But there is no doubting his improv skills especially in these comedies. Even when it's awkward and at times shameless he seems to rise above it with his consistantly funny routine. He's got great chemistry with Segal especially when they rock out with air guitars to Rush tunes. I gotta ask the question though, who really likes Rush this much? They are by far my least favorite rock band but thankfully they spared me some of their worst tunes and only played the one and only song of theirs that I like. Rush aside I thought that the back-up players were great too. Like Jon Favreau as a jerk off potential friend for Peter. I really love that Insensitive Cell Phone guy, Rob Huebel, who plays a funny jack ass with a hilarious line about Urinal cakes. J.K. Simmons puts in some great bits as an overly enthusiastic father. It would have great to see more of him. Plus You get lots of Lou Ferrigno. What more needs to be said?
Look the country is in a recession and we all need to laugh America. So I highly recommend seeing this if you need a pick me up this weekend.

Grade: 4 Buckets

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