Sunday, April 06, 2008

Memorial: Charlton"Chuck" Heston

From his memorable role as a Mexican in Touch of Evil to his bad ass cameo roles in Wayne's World II, True Lies, Tombstone and Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes. Chucky, like no one else was able to define iconic by large and small roles for over fifty years in Hollywood. I myself enjoyed his booming overly choppy voice in the Ten Commandments telling Pharaoh where he could stick it if he didn't release his people. Or his cursing of the damned dirty apes that touched him while imprisoned on the Planet of the Apes. These are some of the classic and oftentimes unintentionally humorous portrayals that Heston has played over the years. He died Saturday at the age of 83 of complications with Alzheimer's.

We also cannot forget that Chuck marched with the King in the 60's as a strong advocate for the Civil Rights Movement. Sometime in the 70's or so he flipped to the other side because of his love of firearms which brought about that batshit crazy speech a few years ago where he proclaimed "From My Cold Dead Hands!" It was at that moment that I knew that even though Chucky was on one hand a great actor with some very memorable roles he was also a bad ass-- and let me tell you -- he scared the shit out of me and there was no way I would even try to rip that gun from his hands. Cold, dead or otherwise.

So I raise a glass to you Chuck, Rest in Peace.

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