Sunday, March 16, 2008

UNC Wins the ACC Tournament

Wow, as a Tarheel fan it's a great rush to watch your team win at tournament time but damn they did not make it look easy. I must have had at least 3 heart attacks after the last two days. Yesterday Carolina had a down to the wire win against a relentless Virginia Tech team. Tech had the lead almost the entire game as Carolina had to push it to the final seconds to take the lead and win the game in the final seconds thanks to, hopefully, the National Player of the Year Tyler Hansborough who drained the winning shot in the final seconds of the game. Psycho T gives 100% every game and he does not back down to anyone no matter who they are and he certainly proved it this season and especially in this tournament. Today Carolina had to play a tenacious Clemson team that is bigger and just as talented as the Tar Heels. The Clemson Tigers had a memorable win against Duke yesterday and they were certainly not afraid of my number 1 ranked Tar Heels. In their two previous meetings Carolina barely got by an overtime win in the first and a double overtime win in the second at Chapel Hill. This is the first time Clemson has ever made it to the final game of the ACC Tournament and they were passionate about getting that win.Clemson and Carolina were neck and neck the entire game. They traded the lead at least a dozen times in the first half as Clemson's Full Court Press gave the Heels trouble causing a boatload of turnovers, not to mention they kept Hansborough off the free throw line the entire half. Clemson led by 1 at halftime, 39-38. It took some time but the Heels regrouped and began to break down the Full court press thanks to some great shooting by Wayne Ellington. The Heels started to pull away as the final seconds ticked away and then my boys did some really boneheaded plays. Psycho T committed a foul when we were up 5 to stop the clock and put them on the line, and then Quentin Thomas fouled their top 3 point shooter Oglesby while he was shooting three allowing him to take 3 foul shots. I thought I was gonna blow a gasket. Thankfully he missed the last one and they seemed to miss some opportunities but because of stupid plays like that and the fact that the Heels couldn't hit their free throws in the final seconds almost cost them the game. They held on did a gut check and ended up winning this one 86-81.

It's a great win for the organization as they have now won two ACC Championships in a row. I just spoke with my brother and Carolina has been awarded the number 1 seed in the east but it seems like their gonna have a tough road with teams like Indiana, Arkansas and Tennessee all crammed into our bracket it's gonna be a fight to the finish. So Congrats to Coach Roy Williams and the Carolina Tarheels for their 17th ACC title! Go Heels!

P.S. I also want to give a shout out to the UNC Women's Basketball team for also winning their ACC Tournament for their fourth consecutive title. And it's all the more sweet because they beat the Duke Blue Devils 86-73. It's just a Carolina Blue kinda Week! (The Girls had their big winlast weekend!) I couldn't find a good pic of the girls so I thought Doctor Jack's (Matthew Fox) love of the Tarheels would have to suffice.

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