Monday, September 03, 2007

Note to Hollywood: Leave John Carpenter's Movies alone!!!

I was checking the grosses for the weekend and of course I am not surprised. The Rob Zombie version of Halloween has topped the Box Office, breaking the record for the Labor Day weekend at 31 million. Will I ever see the new Halloween? Probably not. I've seen this movie already, the original, and it's a great one, a classic no less. I am not a big fan of horror films but I have always been a huge fan of the first film in the series. A classic by John Carpenter that tracks a homicidal maniac's killing spree on a Halloween night. That's it, Michael Myers was an especially creepy villain because there didn't seem to be any rational to why he was like this. Now almost 30 years later an aging heavy metal star turned horror director has decided that we the viewing public need to see Halloween from his eyes. Talk about ego.There are many reasons in Hollywood to do a re-make. The most typical is to re-make a film that was made so long ago that no one would notice, or more importantly, no one would care. Another would be to take a classic that is dated or has been forgotten by the world and re-tool it for today's audiences. Then there is the quick money scheme. Re-make a popular movie that is familiar to fans and hope and pray that they buy this new packaged film as a re-imagining that brings in the big green. There have been quite a few in this category lately. The Manchurian Candidate, Psycho, Hairspray, All The Kings Men, The Ladykillers, The Wicker Man etc. etc. The list goes on and on. I just found out that Hollywood is so desperate to re-make something they are now redoing the George Burns movie Oh God from 1977. George fucking Burns, are you kidding me? Not to mention they are re-making another Carpenter classic Escape From New York and they may be doing The Thing. I mean have they learned nothing from the Psycho debacle?

You can't copy greatness no matter how hard you try to spin it. Is there no originality in Hollywood anymore? Have the lights gone out in Tinseltown? I mean what could Rob Zombie do to Halloween to make it even more enjoyable or scary then it was the first time I saw it? From what I hear he has decided to go back and explain why poor little Michael Myers is a psychopath. In my mind it makes him less scary. You end up revealing so much about the guy that he becomes less compelling than before and, even worse, not someone to be scared of but to be pitied. His mother is a stripper, his sister is a bitch, Michael Myers, like Jeffrey Dahmer, kills animals as a sign he's a psychopath. This is all pretty cliche and has been done before. Plus I'm sure it will be bloody and violent to an extreme level for added shock value. If you watch the original there is violence of course but ironically not a whole lot of blood. Some of the violence is off camera as well. As any true master of horror or suspense knows that it is more frightening imagining the horror in your mind then seeing it unfold in front of you. So I beg Hollywood and any and all filmmakers, make your own damn movies, and leave the classics alone.

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J. Zacholl said...

Even though I am not the hugest fan of john carpenter films I agree with this one. The films of his that I do like, I really like and they should not be messed with.