Thursday, September 27, 2007


Now it's been a couple weeks since it happened (sorry I got a newborn at home) but it still lingers in my craw like a bad rash. So just a re-cap for the people who do not follow NFL football. A few weeks ago Bill Belichick, of the New England Patriots, while playing the NY Jets, sent an assistant over to the sidelines to film the Jets and their defensive signals. This is a pretty huge deal, for instance, if the Patriots know that the Jets are going to blitz the quarterback, there will be no pass coverage and if you have a good team like the Patriots they will score. Cody Dee and I were livid of course but if you listen to NFL Sunday on HBO or any of the other NFL broadcasts the announcers amazingly don't seem to care about this. They all say well this happens all of the time and only the ones who are good at it get away with it, so who cares? This is terrible!! Terrible for sports and terrible for the NFL. This is cheating, plain and simple. If there are others that do this then there needs to be an awareness here in order to stop it. It's been a rough year for pro sports as one scandal after another finds its way to the mainstream media. So what really can the NFL do to a team that can still win even if they don't cheat?

Well for one giving Bill Belichick a Celebrity Bucket o' Dumb may be a start. So that's what were gonna do. Most of us at the Bucket already hate the Pats and their annoying habit of beating on our favorite teams but to discover that they cheated and may have been cheating for a while.... Wow thank you Bill Belichick for proving all of us haters right you are a skeevy guy with your unwashed hoody and overall arrogant demeanor and you are a cheater who got his hand caught in the cookie jar. So what does the NFL do? They fine you, The Coach, 500,000 dollars. They fine the Patriots 250,000 and you have to give up your first round picks for next year. Does this sound like a proper smack down or just a light slap on the wrists? Well the Patriots, without cheating, are still one of the best teams in the NFL, in defense and offense. So what if they have to pay a few thousand in fines, they get much more in winning the Super Bowl anyway. So here is what they should do -- suspend the Patriots from competing in the playoffs for one to two seasons. That will pass the message along that the NFL will not tolerate cheating in any form and it will make other teams cautious about using this kind of tactic in the future.

But we all know that the NFL will never grow the balls to do something like this to the sweat hog we love to hate. So instead Mr. Belichick please accept this award from us at the Bucket because like Britany and Kenny "Sticky Fingaz" Rogers cheaters never prosper and if you've seen where Britany is now after her MTV stunt and Kenny after Detroit failed to make the playoffs this year, Kharma's a bitch and you will get yours.


Captain Mike said...

No, Jeff. It is Karma, not Kharma, that is, much like myself with a spell checker, a bitch.

Go Pats!

Jeff said...

Thanks Mike,

I always appreciate your help with spelling. I'm glad you found SOMETHING to bitch about in this post given you can't really whine to me about how the Pats and Belichick are being treated unfairly.

Go Giants or Redskins or Eagles anyone but the Pats!

P.S. did you love that Patriots logo I want to hang it on my wall at home!!