Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Simpsons

I wouldn't call myself a huge Simpson fan but I watched the show for at least 4 of the 18 seasons that it has been on TV and I have noticed the obvious decline in brilliance over the years. I mean how many times can Homer fuck up the town or his family before it starts to get old. Honestly the show has definitely lost most of its steam thanks to fresh and smart shows like South Park and Family Guy, but I do think that this film hit most of the right buttons.As I described above the city of Springfield is in crisis--an Environmental crisis and of course little Lisa is first to speak out about the damage. They focus on the Springfield lake that has become toxic and it is explained that one more incident in that lake will cause a massive toxic overload--cue Homer. He has this pig see that he apparently loves more than his own son and he decides to store the pig shit in this silo. Marge thinks it's gross and tells him to recycle it. So Homer does as he's told--the problem is some doughnuts go on sale and he has to get rid of the pig feces fast so he--dum, dum, dum--d'oh---dumps it in the lake. The E.PA. decides to seal the town in a dome. So how does the town reward Homer for giving them this great honor? They try to kill him and his family--what is a Homer to do?It's great to see the whole cast on the big screen and I felt the jokes were pretty good--I mean what can you say it's like watching a big screen version of an hour long episode. A very good episode but it still doesn't knock it out of the park like some of the more memorable episodes like "Who Shot Mr. Burns 1 & 2," "Mr. Plow," "Flaming Moe's," "Last Exit to Springfield" and "Rosebud." It's definitely worth seeing even if you have to look quickly to see some of your favorite characters. It's fast and fun and has a few good chuckles.

Grade: 3 Buckets

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