Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Jose Canseco....Hero?

As most of you know Barry Bonds has broken the home run record first achieved by Babe Ruth and later broken by Hank Aaron. So the lifetime home run record stands at this moment at 756. The question is will Bonds stand up to the infamy that has been swirling around him for the last ten years or so? Unless you’ve been living in a cave you’ve probably heard about the steroids charges against the slugger. He claims that he might have used some cream, but that he never injected anything that would be considered a performance enhancing drug. I find it hard to believe, given that his former trainer has been sent to the slammer for providing these drugs to athletes and probably to Bonds himself. The most damning evidence is from a federal case that showed documented evidence proving that he had taken steroids and human growth hormones over a three year period.

Former ball player Jose Canseco, also a steroids junkie, who has repeatedly made contradictory statements about steroids in baseball, wrote a book called Juiced in 2005. In this book he casually throws out big name ball players that were on the junk, Bonds of course as well as Mark McGuire, Juan Gonzalez, Ivan Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro. He seems to take joy in exposing them while also making it seem like steroids is a good thing and everyone should be using the stuff. He completely admits that he wouldn’t have been the Major League player that he was if he hadn’t taken the drugs. He obviously doesn’t feel any remorse for cheating and even worse he encourages upcoming players to take steroids. I think the worst thing about this piece of shit who once called himself a great baseball player is that as proud as he is to be taking steroids he neglected to mention this while he was playing the game. He’s all to happy to give you accounts about him and McGuire injecting each other in the ass while hiding in a cramped bathroom stall, but only after he’s been happily retired and not liable for any consequences for his former actions. Sure they may not allow him into the hall of fame but as long as Canseco is paid why should he give a shit.

So now this scum is writing another book and apparently he’s pointing a finger at the Yankee’s star Alex Rodriguez. When talking about the new book Canseco has said, “I have other stuff on Alex Rodriguez that will be coming out.” He calls A-Rod a hypocrite and claims that he is not everything he claims to be. Of course the first thing people start to say, “Is A-Rod juicing too?” This is how it starts, Canseco probably has no proof but when it comes to public opinion does he really need it? He has started a new kind of blacklisting in baseball where you are guilty by association. Honestly I don’t think he’s slapping A-Rod with a steroids charge, I think he’s implying it so people will read his book. He’s a shameless self promoter who has no sense of decency, courage or pride. He wonders why they haven’t called him a hero for exposing the problem with steroids and I think he has answered that question himself. A rat is still just a rat. Remember this is the same guy who would charge fans $2,500 to spend time with him at his home when he was under house arrest for parole violation.

The sad part about this whole ordeal is that Canseco had a real opportunity to attempt to make changes in baseball by talking about his experiences. Instead, he became the McCarthy of baseball slandering players of steroid use. I'm not saying everyone he accused is innocent but it is the way he went about exposing them. I’m sure his new book has some great dirt on former friends and teammates and it will be scandalous and he will make enough money to continue living the lifestyle he is accustomed, but I will not be buying his book. I love the game of baseball and I just don't think it would be right to give money to a man determined to destroy it.

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