Friday, April 20, 2007

Ted Nugent

This has been a pretty tough week with the 32 dead at Virginia Tech and today with two dead at NASA; it takes someone nuts like Ted Nugent to put everything in perspective. Everyone should know the Nuge from his exploits as a musician and as a TV celebrity on VH1. Everyone should also know that the Nuge is a gun nut and is completely insane. After reading his Op-ed piece this morning you can add dumb redneck to that list.

Personally I wish people in general would not trivialize or politicize these terrible events when they occur, but because of the 24 hour news cycle I think it is almost impossible to avoid these kinds of statements. Ironically I haven't really heard very much if anything at all from anyone talking about the importance of gun control or the assault weapons ban. So what is the Nuge's problem, obviously the left has decided that this issue is a dead one that the American people don't really care so it hasn't really been a political issue since the early 90's. If he was trying to make a political statement in defense of weapons I think he did a pretty bad job. I think he proved their point about gun control.
In his Op-Ed piece he talks about the good guys having weapons to counter the bad guys like its high noon or something. Is he that naive to think that if everyone has a firearm or an automatic weapon that somehow some way gun violence will drop? I will admit as I search the internet apparently accidental gun deaths have dropped over the last few years and that is a good thing. But isn't it the responsibility of everyone in this country to try to get the guns out of the hands of those that would misuse them? For instance the kid from Virginia Tech, he had a documented history of emotional problems and a police record that stated he was a danger to himself and to others, yet he was still able to buy two handguns legally with a credit card. This is the problem here. If we are going to have guns legally than they need to be sold responsibly, otherwise this will certainly happen again. They are dangerous weapons that can inflict massive deaths in a matter of seconds. This isn't a political statement it is a physical reality. Instead of fighting each other about whether or not we should have guns we should be fighting specifically about which guns civilians should be able to have. So on behalf of Troy's bucket I bequeath to the stupid former rocker the official Celebrity Bucket o' Dumb--Congratulations Mr. Nugent and just remember please do us all a favor and keep the safety on, Nutbar.

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