Sunday, April 29, 2007


Yes--the whole country of India. Actually my focus is really on the radical conservative right wing party in India. So this past week, actor celebrity Richard Gere was at an AIDS benefit in India hosted by the people in charge of Bollywood. He apparently was on stage where he--now if this next part offends you I apologize, apparently to some this act is a lewd and obscene gesture that warrants 3 months in prison--so Mr. Gere kisses a popular Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty on the cheeks and-- wait for it--he dips her and then has the gall to kiss her on the cheeks again. This is considered an obscene act in India--you are not supposed to show signs of public affection. Every culture has there little peccadilloes but this is kind of ridiculous. I think these right winger Indians need to calm down breathe deeply and rejoin us in the 21st Century. The last I heard India has a Parliamentary system, which is a form of a democracy. I know that not every country has the same rights that we do here in the United States but--he didn't feel the girl up or anything. He just kissed her on her cheeks. Lighten up India, if you want to be seen as kinder gentler brother to some of the fundamentalist whackos in the Middle East then keep on this self indulgent 50's era hatred of any kind of sexuality no matter how banal. So here it is fresh from Nuge's house the Celebrity Bucket of Dumb.

Maybe it is obscene!!! Is he dry humping her?

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