Sunday, February 25, 2007

COMICS: New York Comic Con 2007

Well it is Comic Con season once again. Personally I like the San Diego con; there are better panels and very excellent tables and artists to visit. I did decide to attend, however, in order to promote my upcoming graphic Novel Cycle's End. On Friday I wanted to get the lay of the land a bit, so I wandered around in the main hall and through artist's alley. I met up with my friends and fellow creators of Cycle's End Ori Ayalon ( and Ezio Flagello. Throughout the weekend I got to meet and get sketches from a few of the talented artists like Steve McNiven (Civil War), Chris Batista(52, JLA and Teen Titans) and Jock(Cover artist for Scalped, Batman and Hellblazer). On Friday I got to meet and talk with our cover artist and Ori's teacher Walt Simonson who has credits as a writer and as an artist on such titles as: Hawkgirl, Batman, Manhunter, Legends of the World's Finest, Thor, X-Men, Silver Surfer, Avengers and Fantastic Four Visionaries. Yeah, I know we were lucky as hell to have him draw our cover. Walt inadvertently helped me out again when I tried to nonchalantly pass Cycle's End to my favorite writer J. Michael Straczynski (Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Supreme Power, Rising Stars, Bullet Points, Ultimate Power, Squadron Supreme, Book of Lost Souls, Strange and Dream Police) Yeah I know it's a lot--freaked me out too when I tried to speak. Anyway, Walt was talking to J.M.S right before I got up to him to plug the book. Walt walked away and then I put the book in front of J.M.S. I stuttered out a few words--I hope they were coherent, but I think I said something like this--"Don't worry I'm not here for you to sign anything--actually a few friends and I have just published our first graphic novel and I just wanted you to have a copy." He kind of looked at me for a second--as if I was going to drop something else on him--looked at the book cover, then looked back to where Walt was and then put it in his bag. I didn't stay to chit chat as I realized I was a little too nervous to function properly--I hate that. He's just a guy, yes a guy who writes my favorite comic--but none the less a guy! Anyway, thank you again Walt! Hopefully Mr. Straczynski will like it.

So Saturday absolutely sucked balls I waited in line for at least two hours because, like last year there were more people trying to get into the NY con than they actually had room for at the Javits Center. The line--I shit you not--went all the way to 40th street and then wrapped around the corner toward the friggin river. If you are not familiar with NY the Javits center is on 34th street and 11th. 6 damn blocks in the freezing cold!!! Yeah I was pissed. So I finally get in and of course because of the long ass line and because they didn't spell it out for me I didn't obtain tickets for the panel with Steven King for the Dark Tower graphic novel and upcoming movie. Oh, well maybe next year. I did however on Saturday get to network some more and meet artists and writers and of course I got almost all of my sketches on Saturday. So not a total loss. Anyway I'm hoping that San Diego this year will be much better, not to mention our book Cycle's End will be physically ready to push on the comic hungry. We feature 5 completely different artists for each story. All of them are phenomenal and will be penciling their own stuff for Marvel, DC or Image very soon, I'm sure of it. The writing by the way ain't too shabby. So that's enough of my shameless plug for my book--but be on the look out for it in early April--that was the last one--I'm serious--Oh and check out our website at, that was the last one--I swear.

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