Friday, October 20, 2006

TV: Why does Everyone Hate Raymond?

I think I picked a couple winners although, I will admit there were a few dogs in my TV lineup. The only one so far to be cancelled is Smith starring Ray Liotta. I was surprised that it went down so quickly. Although I am not surprised that the regular network couldn't handle it. Honestly a show like that should be on cable, like FX or Spike TV. Also the show Standoff on Fox seems to be either cancelled or on hiatus. I haven't heard the word that it had been axed but I did hear it wasn't faring so well. It was on break during the Baseball playoffs and I haven't heard when it was coming back. The show wasn't bad but there are already too many C.S.I. Law and Order type shows so, again it wouldn't surprise me if they decided in the end to kill the show. So here is the wrap of the shows I have already talked about and a couple new shows that started late.

Man, Liotta can't catch a break. I hate starting a new show with all of the plot threads out there in the open and now I won't be able to connect them. That really sucks when you start to invest in a show and then the bastards at the network cancel the thing after three episodes. They must not have liked where this show was going, more than likely it was just too violent for network TV. The worst part is because they only aired three episodes this show doesn't even have a chance to be in the "Brilliant But Cancelled" category. They will feel the wrath of Liotta. The Gods demand it.

I still don't know what the deal is with this show. Is it cancelled or not? Who knows? I watched this show until the playoffs they were supposed to move it back once the World Series started and I haven't heard a thing. This show was fun only because of the cast; personally they should transplant this group with a new plot line and better dialogue. Try to avoid the C.S.I. clich├ęs. But if it does return I'm sure it will still be in my DVR queue. So as I was writing this I double checked the re-aire date. Apparently they are giving this one a second chance as it gets it's Tuesday slot again at 8PM on FOX starting Oct. 31st. Excellent! More Gina Torres and Ron Livingston.

unbelievably this one has become a giant hit. I do enjoy most of the episodes but the dialogue is really shitty. Plus two or three of the main cast need major overhauls in their character development. Also they need to start defining what it is these people can do. Cause I'm confused about what powers Peter and his congressman brother possess. Also, does it have to be so doomsdayish as in -- THE END OF THE WORLD! Been there done that, can't they just be heroes and save people? Why does it have to be so friggin melodramatic? I want to see more Hiro (that guy is great) and I want to see more Greg Grunberg, the cop. They left that one dangling a little too long. The writers on this show need to learn pacing. I know I bitch a lot about this show but it does have a lot of potential, it just needs a good kick in the ass to make better.

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
What can I say? The show is great and it seems to be catching on. I love every episode. Matt Perry, Bradley Whitford, Amanda Peet, Sarah Paulson and Steven Weber are awesome, keep up the good work. Sorkin is a writing god. The only negative I have is that we don't get to see more of Nate Corddry and D.L. Hughley. Other than that -- Nuff said.

Six Degrees
I haven't heard one way or another if this show is a hit or a dud. ABC hasn't moved it yet so I'm assuming it is working to their liking. I enjoy the cast and they have a great little mystery brewing here, so don't friggin cancel this one, ABC. I want to know what’s in the box and you will not cancel this show until I know, get me?

Now for the two new shows I've been watching:

Friday Night Lights
This show is, so far, the best show I've seen dealing with sports. They capture the essence of the film (with the same name) brilliantly. It's been a critical success but they don't have the numbers so far to prove people are watching. At least NBC has recognized that this is a well written show with a great premise and should be given at the least a full season to grow. For some reason the viewing public would rather watch the extra lame Dancing With the Stars. Come on people, especially you sports-loving males out there who can't get enough Monday Night Football. Stop watching Dancing With The Stars! It may be amusing for a few seconds watching Emmett Smith glide across the floor with his giant frame but then reality has to set in. What the hell am I watching, you might say, yes, that's right you are watching people dance for an hour. There is something wrong with you. Take dancing lessons or something, just not on Tuesday nights. Tuesdays belong to the Dillon Panthers and the wacko citizens of this dusty Texas town. Will the residents of Dillon show Coach Taylor the boot? Watch and find out.

Friday Night Lights is on NBC -Tuesdays at 8PM.

The Nine
This show follows in the vein of Six Degrees and Lost, following nine victims of a 52 hour botched bank robbery/hostage crisis. One of them ends up dead and everyone comes out of the event changed -- for the better or the worst -- that is why we watch. It's an interesting take on an old plot device. You have your run of the mill bank robbery and hostage situation but this show begins when that kind of action movie ends. This is more about the trauma and emotional baggage of these nine characters (I guess technically it’s eight characters), as they try to get on with their lives afterward. It stars Tim Daly, John Billingsley (note: he played Doctor Flox on Enterprise), Jessica Collins, Dana Davis (from 24), Scott Wolf, Camille Guaty and Chi McBride. It can be overly melodramatic at times but it's a solid show with a great cast and a pretty cool premise to boot.

The Nine is on ABC- Wednesdays at
10 PM

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