Monday, July 03, 2006

SPORTS: Yankee Superman Returns

Last nights game at Yankee Stadium against the Mets was almost like a comic book adventure; of course this depends on your point of view, if you are a Mets fan it is something else entirely. The Yankees started late last night due to rain. Jaret Wright, who has pitched pretty well in his last two starts, took the mound. In the second inning the guy imploded allowing four runs and just four outs before Joe Torre yanked him from the game. Ron Villone filled in and got the Yanks out of the inning without anymore damage. The Mets starter Alay Soler allowed a solo homerun at the bottom of the second from Jorge Posada. Jorge got the blood pumping back in the Yanks to set up for the bottom of the third when the Mets awoke a sleeping giant.

The bases were loaded Alex Rodriguez stepped up to the plate, he took a couple of pitches and then creamed a slider into the bleachers. Superman was so ecstatic that he admired it a little longer than usual, personally I don't think he was boasting or being an asshole, I think it was just such a good thing and he had such a terrible June that he had to enjoy it. Apparently Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca shared his resentment with A-Rod after he crossed home plate. Giambi looked as if he was going to start something but thankfully cooler heads prevailed. I do understand Lo Duca's frustration, I know I hate it when Manny Ramirez, from Boston, admires his home runs a bit too long, but I think this was just a misunderstanding. Rodriguez has been slumping for a while and he really needed this, the fans have been total jackasses to him, of course the irony is as soon as he jacked the grand slam everyone started chanting A-Rod again like he never slumped before. But A-Rod wasn't finished there he had a single and yet another homerun bringing in three more runs in the fifth inning. Its A-Rod unleashed.

Ron Villone put in great relief pitching three innings and only allowing one run. Villone gets the big W as the relief staff saves the game, with good stuff from T.J. Beam, Mike Myers and Scott Proctor. By the end of the third inning the Yankees had scored eight runs making the score Yankees 9, Mets 4. I can't forget the help from the Yankees replacement 2nd basement either, Nick Green. He belted a two run blast helping to extend the lead in the third. The hurt on the Mets continued as the Yanks rolled into the fourth inning scoring four more runs. The final score was 16-7, even though it was nice to win so decisively it would have been even better to have held the Mets a little more. As great as the Yankees played, the Mets still had seven runs, not to mention the four big ones that Jaret Wright gave up in the second. It's nice to have days where the hitting is so good that pitching takes a back seat, but those games are rare. The Yankees have got to start putting together a better pitching arsenal, otherwise they might consider changing their strategy, cause as much as I appreciate what Superman Rodriguez has done for this ball club last night, it might not be enough to get the Yanks to the post season. It's called the Boston Red Sox pitching and, forgive the pun, they might just bring the Kryptonite to squash any hope of a World Series. That my friends would make it a different kind of story, it’s called a tragedy.


Captain Mike said...

You Yankee fans know not what tragedy is.

Cathy said...

F***in Wright... and Chacon... and Farnsworth... and Beam... Can we bring up some minor leaguers for Christ's sake!?! 4 innings anyone?