Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MOVIE REVIEW: My Super Ex-Girlfriend

So before I get into the events of Comic-Con I ended up with a free day on Monday because I had a late flight home from San Diego. I had a couple passes given to me by a friend and I decided what the hell it's free I'll go check out the latest comedy by the genius behind Ghostbusters, Mr. Ivan Reitman. Before I go much further let me just say that I'm glad I didn't have to pay for a ticket.

Matt Saunders (Luke Wilson) meets a shy art dealer, Jenny Johnson (Uma Thurman) on the subway and decides to ask her out. When he finds out that Jenny is extremely needy and a psycho to boot he gets a little nervous. It doesn't help when he finds out she has a side job as a superhero named G-Girl. When they came up with this movie they must have sat around a table and thought of every way they could satire the Super Hero genre, the only problem was the jokes were not funny, they were stupid, insipid and honestly I can't believe that Ivan Reitman directed this movie. I guess the Hollywood story is true, once you've reached a certain old-age in Tinsel town you lose the pulse of the average movie goer. At least it's true with this film, plus it's another strike against Reitman because of that terrible comedy Evoulution. So back to the trainwreck--Matt ends up having sex in mid-air with his G-Girl friend, she breaks his bed and then she clings to him so badly that he decides to break it off. This is the part we have been waiting thirty to forty minutes ---For the shit to go down like the title promised. So G-Girl screws with him a bit writes DICK on his forehead with her heat vision, snatches his clothes in front of his clients and gets him fired. Maybe it sounded funny on paper--I don't know, all I know is that if this movie was rated R it might have been funny, but they decided on cute. G-Girl tosses a great white shark into Matt's bed, um okay. Maybe it's Luke Wilson; he's not as funny as his brother Owen and the hang dog look of his gets annoying as the movie barrels on. I mean what's the deal here you have Anna Faris from Scary Movie as the other female in the story-- not funny. You have Rainn Wilson as Matt's buddy Vaughn, and this guy normally is hilarious on Office Space. I got a chuckle from his antics, not a guffaw or a really good blubbery laugh. It's pathetic; WANDA SYKES was in this movie for Christ Sake! Why was she in this movie? Her scenes were paltry and the most important reason to have Wanda Sykes in any movie is--Cause she's F***in Funny! Did I also mention that Eddie Izzard is in this movie as the supposed Heavy, yeah you know what's coming next--not funny.

So unless you get free passes to this movie or you're bored out of your mind and need to see something --anything, on the big screen. Then see this movie but don't say I didn't warn you there are other far better films out there for you to see, like Pirates of the Caribbean, Lady in the Water and of course Superman Returns. I'm betting Monster House is funnier than this piece of garbage. I think it's time for Ivan to retire before he does anymore damage to his almost sterling career.

Grade: 1 Bucket

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