Thursday, August 03, 2006

TV Review: Who Wants to be a Superhero

I have just wrapped principle photography on a feature, and I now have some time to relax between some smaller gigs and trying to move.

What better way to break into blogging scene then with a TV review? I'm sure there are several...

Anyway, I was perusing iTunes last night came across this gem. I believe this show, Who Wants to be a Superhero, airs on Sci Fi. If I am wrong please correct me. Anyway, the first episode was a free download. So, I figured why the hell not? I like comics. How can they possibly combine comic book superheros and reality TV?

The premise of the show is as follows. People from all over the country come in and show off their superhero alter egos. 12 are chosen to go on with the actual competition to be selected as the new Superhero winning a comic series and a Sci Fi movie about their hero. The infamous Stan Lee hosts. Not a terrible concept. Could be fun. WRONG.

This show couldn't be anymore horrid. To start off, the shows completely neglects what should be one of the best parts of the show, the heros! Instead of showing off the auditions of all the people around world willing to wear tights to get on TV they only show about three seconds. Then, they get right to the point of the showing who the twelve picks are. Some of the picks make you wonder how bad the other hopeful contestants must have been. Some of the twelve chosen includes such winners as Monkey Girl, Fat Momma, and The Iron Enforcer...

The show is NOT reality TV. Which it really wants you to believe. The show is soooo scripted its not even funny. And the screenwriters are all smoking crack. Each hero gets a commicator...which is nothing more then a Blackberry where they superimpose a video file over the screen in post...give me a break.

The show is hosted by Stan Lee. And now I am started to understand why Marvel pushed him out the door.

This show is pure trash. Its not ever worth the short time I have taken to write this post. And is a huge reason why I haven't spent more time typing more detail...That and I have distaste for writing...;)

Til next time kiddies.


Anonymous said...

Hey you, jerkoff, I saw that Superhero show too and it was stupid yeah, but it was pretty funny too. Come on the challenge with the little kid crying didn't make you laugh? Anyway don't blame Stan he's a victim of circumstance, plus the guy created some of the best super heroes of all time he's just old. Do y'know what's it like to be old you young whippersnapper. Punk kid!!

Speck said...

If you are going to throw insults the least you could do is attach name. I may be a jerkoff, but you are pretty sackless to remain anonymous.

Stan isn't a victim of anything other then getting a big paycheck.

The little kid challenge was a good one to be honest. But 6 people failed, and only 3 get put up for elimination? stupid and pointless.

The show is not funny. The show is completely campy and cheesy.

In all honesty, its a total detriment to the comic book world. Giving in to the old school stereoype that comics are nothing more a campy POW, ZAM, ZING cartoon harkening back to the Batman TV show days.

JudgeHolden said...

This show just looked awful from the get-go. Why not a show about people who think they're the leaving reincarnation of Jesus? Or Napoleon? Or Lee Marvin? These are just crazy people, right? Not "crazy" as in folks who'll do anything to be on TV but 'crazy' in that they are certifiably insane. It seems like pure exploitation and it only serves to make everyone, from contestant to viewer - feel really bad. Sucks to SciFi channel for going the Fox route, which is never a good idea. Anyway -- cool blog, and not a bad post for someone with a "distaste for writing". :)

Speck said...

No the people aren't insane...well, one or two are...

But say the dude in Red..."Major Victory" He is a former exotic dancer who wants to grow closer to his two daughters. He doesn't himself seriously at all. He is very campy and acts that actually makes him one of the more endearing characters aside from the fact that you can tell he will never shake his past playgirl dancer history, its part of him....his tagline is 'Be a winner, not a weiner."

Noe, the dude who quit his job for the show because it is the culmination of his life...that dude is insane fo real.