Wednesday, June 14, 2006

SPORTS: Miami Heat get a win is it enough to call it a series?

Every question on sports analyst’s mind asking is it a series? Answer: Hell Yes of course it’s a series since the start of game 1. Although the Heat may have been favorites and the Dallas Mavericks out played them in both gm1 and gm2. It isn’t over until one team takes the best out of seven in these NBA Finals. The question should be are the veterans on Miami Heat hungry enough for the Championship Title. Cause if you ask me they don’t seem like it to me.

Last nights win was heroic due to one Dwayne Wade who lead the Heat to a 98-96 win over the Mavericks (Dallas leads series 2-1). A player who had received his fifth foul with eleven minutes left in the 4th Quarter and the Heat down by as many as 13 pts. Wade overcame the foul trouble and scored 42 points (12 of those in the 4th Qtr.) to lead the Heat to win number 1 with crucial game number 4 on Thursday evening. As for the veterans without a ring Payton, Walker, and Mourning these veterans when given playing time must make their presence felt in every minute of gm 4. Shaq being the most experienced playoff player needs to find his grove in making critical Free Throws (FT) down the stretch like last night’s game. But in my opinion Shaq, one of the greatest centers to ever play the game, does not need to win another ring, but would be a great accolade to his career within the league.

I welcome feedback whether good or bad on my sport’s opinions and comments.

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